COVID 19 Information for surf lessons: beach shack surf school

Covid-19 Update (16.7.20) 

Please read the following information which details the steps and procedures we have adopted to minimise risk of transmission of Covid-19, before, during and after surf lessons with Beach Shack Surf School.

This is in-line with the government’s guidance for providers of outdoor facilities, which can be found here, and guidance from Sport England.

Safety and the well-being of our clients and staff is our highest priority and this overview aims to give our clients the confidence to return to the water with us, in a responsible and safe manner.

We will continue to monitor and adhere to government advice relevant to our sector, and reserve the right the change our operating procedures and policies at any time.

Covid -19 Refund Policy

If you book a surf lesson and are unable to attend for one of the following reasons, then a “no questions asked” refund will be issued (unless of course you wish to reschedule to another date):

  • You are ill and unable to attend the surf lesson

  • Government advice means you are unable to travel to take part in the surf lesson.

You must contact us at least 24 hours prior to the surf lessons for this policy to apply.

Operating Procedures:

Group Surf Lessons Operating Procedures

The government guidelines advise Surfing England that we can now operate to normal ratio as of 16th July 2020.

Group lessons, by their nature, are a gathering of people from different households. Therefore we require all participants to make an effort to remain 2 metres away from each other during the surf lesson. However we understand that in the ocean, this can be difficult as the currents and waves can bring you closer. We ask that you stay alert and if you are becoming too close to a participant, please paddle or wade away.

The surf instructor must also be 2m distance from participants, however this will not impact the quality of the surf lesson you receive, as we will use clear communication and demonstration. We will, where required and if appropriate, push you onto waves, but this process will involve pushing the surf board from the rear and not making any contact with the clients

Before your Surf Lesson:

  • All lessons must be booked and paid for in advance.

  • Where possible participants must complete the waiver form, prior to the lesson. This will be emailed to you upon booking. Any non Covid related medical issues must be advised via email.

  • If you or a member of your household shows any symptoms of Covid-19, you must not take part in surf lessons or visit the surf school. Any cancellations due to this will be rescheduled or refunded. Communication regarding this must take place via email or phone

  • Any staff members showing symptoms of Covid-19, will not attend the surf school.

On Arrival at the Surf School 

  • To ensure there will be no overlap between lessons, please do not arrive early or late for your surf lesson.

  • Only those on lesson to come to the site, although parents will need to accompany under 18’s and be on the beach, just maintain 2m+ distance.

  • Please do not enter the shack we will issue all kit and equipment outside.

  • All contactable surfaces in the surf school will be sterilized before and after each lesson.

  • You will be issued a clean, sterilised wetsuit, but this may still be wet and you will not be able to enter the shack to change.

  • You will be issued a clean, disinfected surfboard outside.

During The Surf Lesson:

  • All safety briefings, surf theory & demonstration will be performed outside.

  • Please maintain a safe distance between yourself and other beach users, including the instructor and those participating in the surf lesson, both on the beach and in the ocean. Please see above for further details regarding this (Operating Procedures)

  • We will maintain a safe distance between the instructor and yourself, both on the beach and in the ocean.

After The Surf Lesson

  • The equipment used will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected after use, please leave wetsuits inside out and put in the allocated washing tub. Equipment will rotated to ensure a minimum 24 hour period between use.

  • The surf school will be thoroughly cleaned daily after all clients have left the premises.

It’s been proven that being outdoors dramatically reduces the risk of infection, therefore we are confident that by all participants staying alert, not staying close to each other for a prolonged period of time and by using common sense,  and following the guidelines provided that any risks are absolutely minimised.

Obviously if you do have concerns, then please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss these.