How long are the lessons?

2 hours, but we will give you advice for the future and you can always contact us if you need any future advice.

What do we need to bring?

Just a towel, swimming stuff, wetsuit boots or water shoes, sun cream, any medical things and a drink.  We will give you a winter wetsuit to keep you warm and protected.

What do the lessons include?

You will be kitted up, given a brief for safety (ocean/boards/personal/others), we will get you warmed up, show you the basics on the beach (catching waves, getting to feet and riding waves) and then get you in the waves.  Our instructors will help you catch waves and give you feedback throughout the session. Afterwards we will give you some pointers to take away with you. If you want any advice etc please ask as we love sharing our knowledge!

How many people are in a group?

We pride ourselves on having small groups to ensure everyone gets the most out of the lesson. A maximum of 8 people per group, but often less.

What time are the lessons?

There are morning and afternoon lessons, 10 am-12 pm and 12.30 pm-2.30 pm, but these are subject to change depending on the season/conditions.

Do you do intermediate lessons?

Yes, if you have surfed a few times and looking to improve your skills, ask about our Improver sessions (details on surf lesson page).  We are able to do separate lessons (min of 2 people) to help you increase your skills and knowledge.


What qualifications do the instructors have?

We are all ISA qualified and Surf Lifeguards, we includes extensive first aid training.

What are the age limits?

8 years old up to whatever, as long as you are happy you can physically take part. 

Can we leave our under 16 yr olds with you?

We ask that you come down to the beach at the start and finish as a minimum, but would rather you were on the beach or at our cafe throughout just in case.

Do I need to be able to swim?

Yes, a minimum of 25m.

What if I have medical issues?

All participants need to fill out an enrolment form, let us know when you book, just in case.  Any inhalers/epi pens etc can come down to the beach in our dry safety bag.

Are there changing/toilet facilities?

Yes there is a covered space where you can change and as we are based on the holiday park, you can use their showers/toilets and changing facilities.

Is there parking?

Yes, free onsite parking. Get your pass from reception on arrival.

Do we need to book?

Yes, see our contact details below.

What if we need to cancel or rearrange?

Let us know as soon as possible and we will rearrange. 48 hours notice of cancellations needed for full refund, but if we can rearrange we will.

What if there is no surf or its too big?

This really rare, but we will either rearrange or give you a full refund.

Is it cold?

Everyone gets a quality C-Skin winter wetsuit, so you shouldn't.  You will be moving around loads so no matter what the time of year you should be fine.

Can we get food and drinks there?

Yes, we have our Beach Snack Shack where we sell hot and cold drinks, brownies (vegan available too), crisps, ice creams (gluten free) and chocolate bars. Pasty's (meat and veggie), sausage rolls and salads are available for collection when pre ordered.

Can we bring a camera?

You certainly can, the instructors will be happy to take before and after shots, but won't really be able to take pictures while the lesson is running.  Ask though, because if we can we will :)


CALL: 07969 530 607

EMAIL: beachshacksurf@yahoo.com

or find us on Facebook or Instagram!

We look forward to seeing you in the waves!!!