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Surf lesson terminology

During your surf lesson with Beach Shack Surf School you will hear us use some words and phrases that you may not of heard of before. Obviously we will explain what they mean and keep it simple, but hear are a few of the most common ones.

Pop up: Getting from a lying down position up to your feet. The pop up is crucial to your surfing success and there are different ways to do it which we will go through with you on the beach, so your ready to pop up when you catch the waves. It can be tricky at first, but the more you try it, the better you will get.

Nose: The front of the board. When walking or paddling out making sure the board is nose first will help you to push through the waves. When you get to the place you want to catch a wave, turn your board (your back to the sea, board beach side) so the nose is pointing to the beach ready to catch the wave.

Tail: The back of the board. The fins are on the bottom of the board at the tail end and help with turning/steering.

With both the nose and tail you might hear us say too get your foot further back or forward (towards nose or tail) as this will help with speed and reduce nose diving (front of board going down into the water).

Leash: The leg rope that attaches to your back foot. You put it on before going into the water, right at the edge and don't take it off until you are back on the beach. It stops the board from getting away from you when you fall off. The leash goes on your back foot, which we will work out at the start of the session.

Regular or goofy: So as we said the leash goes on the back foot (ankle), if you are a regular surfer you will prefer to have your left foot at the front and if you are goofy you will want your right foot forward, but don't worry we will help you work this out on the beach and you can always swap.

White water: The wave starts off as a smooth surface, then gets steeper and then eventually breaks. Once the wave has broken it becomes white water, foamy, white-coloured water, which is perfect for learners to paddle for and surf into the beach.

Dude: A cool person, which is everyone really, especially people that surf or try or just love the ocean!!

Stoked: Feeling really happy. You may have just had an amazing wave or just be having an awesome time. You will feel stoke A LOT on you surf lesson!

Lastly SHAKA (Hand sign shown below) It originates from Hawaiian Surfers years ago and can be used for different things, like saying 'hi', 'great' or represents friends and having fun, but most importantly it is a positive hand signal that we use when you have an awesome wave and when we are LOVING SURFING (we get to use it a lot!!!).

To book either a Beginner surf lesson or Improver lesson at Beach Shack Surf School, Hayle, Cornwall - Ring 07943 609665 or email: beachshacksurf@yahoo.com

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