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Surfing and life skills

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Life skills are so important to children and teenagers' futures and unfortunately not always learned at school, but they can be learned in a surf lesson and hopefully taken on into their everyday lives. So not only are they having an amazing experience surfing, but also gaining positive life skills as well!

As we discussed in a previous blog https://www.beachshacksurfschool.com/blog/benefits-of-surfing there are loads of benefits of surfing and having a surf lesson, but there are also many life skills, especially for children, that can be learned from just one surf lesson.

Schools obviously equip children and teenagers with many skills and knowledge, but when they have a surf lesson, especially when they are on holiday and in a totally different environment, so much can be learned and then used in life.

Children's and teenager's attitudes and attributes can really vary from normal day to day life to being on holiday. We have had so much feedback from parents and grandparents about how they have noticed changes in them after a surf lesson, which we thought we had to share.

The life skills that surfing and surf lessons provide are different for everyone and although we have noticed most these benefits in kids, adults can definitely benefit too, so have a read and you will be surprised at how much they/you learn without even noticing.


Trying new things will increase confidence, but especially surfing, as it is often an activity that is totally new. Having the confidence to try a new activity will help them/you to realise that you can try new things, whether it is something small or a big new activity.

Learning a new skill isn’t impossible and having the confidence to try is an invaluable life skill to have.


Surfing is not easy, but like learning anything new, keep going and you will succeed. They/you will learn that learning a new skill is not impossible and if you keep trying you will get there. There are loads of things in life which are difficult, but keep going and you will get there. Hit the problem head on and you will make progress.

When learning to surf, no matter what level, you might feel that at times you are going backwards or are not making any progress, but set backs are just temporary, don't quit, keep on going!

Respect and appreciate others:

When learning to surf as part of a surf lesson, you will be with other learners and respecting each other is really important. You will learn that you have to share the waves and sometimes you will be better than others or not as good as them. Being able to appreciate others success (or failures) and sharing their excitement is a great attribute to have. We always notice how great the kids are at this by the end of the lesson, another life skill that is imperative for the future.

Listening to instructions:

The lessons always start with getting kitted up, safety talks and beach based instructions of how to surf. Being able to listen to these instructions and take them in is really important. (We will keep reminding you throughout the session obviously). We are always so surprised about the amount of parents that say "they have never seen their kids listening so keenly".

Listening to the guidance and feedback will ensure the progress is massive in just one lesson. Taking this skill into life will have a huge impact on their lives, whether at school, home or future careers.

Asking for help:

Don’t struggle alone. Be courageous enough to ask for someone’s help. We constantly give specific feedback and help, but we always tell our students to ask questions. Some students can be shy at first or nervous to ask for help, but by the end of the lessons, they are asking for help and advice on how to improve in future lessons. Throughout life we need help and guidance to succeed and having the confidence to ask will speed up progress and make you the best you can be!


Surfing is a hard skill to master and being patient is paramount. In the surf lesson you will have some awesome waves and some awesome wipe outs. We always explain that this is totally normal and the students will learn to be patient and to keep trying, like many aspects of life, keep trying, be patient and you will succeed.


This is the biggest one for us, as instructors that we notice. When everyone turns up for the lesson, generally everyone is really quiet. We totally understand that people maybe nervous about trying surfing or not knowing anyone. But within minutes of being in the sea that totally changes. Everyone is cheering each other on, laughing with each other and chatting.

So as you can see there are huge benefits of surfing for life skills, so why not learn all these skills in an awesome way....get your kids and/or you a surf lesson and you won't only learn how to surf you will gain so much more, LIFE SKILLS FOR LIFE!!!

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