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Beginner lesson- 2 hours
You will be hooked after just one lesson!
During your first surf lesson with us at Beach Shack Surf School, we will teach you about the surfing environment and how to stay safe in the water. We will teach you how to paddle the board, catch waves and how to stand up, the 'pop up'. You will get constant specific feedback to make sure you know how to improve.
We will give you advice and help throughout the lesson, but also make sure you leave the lesson with a solid level of knowledge, so you feel confident surfing again.
You will feel safe and supported with our ISA qualified Instructors.
Surfing is addictive and after one lesson you will be buzzing (and ready for a nap!). 
Improver lesson- 2 hours
Surfed a few times, but need some help to improve? We are here to help!
These sessions are designed for surfers that are looking to develop the basic skills.  You might need to improve your 'pop up' or paddle technique. You might be at the stage where you can surf straight, but need help going along the wave, keeping speed or basic turns.
With small groups we will use video and specific feedback to help you improve and take your new found skills to the waves.
You can bring your board if you have one (or use ours) and we will ensure you get the most out of your lesson.
Improver sessions will also focus on choosing the best waves, identifying the best place to catch the waves and the easiest place to paddle out.

SUrf lessons

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